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Help Your Organization By
Helping Members When “Life Happens”

Syntonic Systems is pleased to introduce a new benefit for your membership and their families. Your member or their family member can call a certified counselor any time, any day via a toll-free number, or visit an extensive web site for on-line information and services, to help them manage or cope with everyday problems when “life happens”. This program is provided in conjunction with Work & Family Benefits, Inc. The service is completely individualized and all communication is held in the strictest confidence to protect the privacy of your members and their families.

This program provides valuable assistance, guidance and referral services to the participant when the unexpected happens. Even the most dedicated workers still consider their families to be their highest priority. While most of us agree this is the way things should be, we know that sometimes it can get in the way of work. A worker who is constantly thinking of how to resolve a family or personal problem is not fully concentrating on his or her job.

This program will reduce anxiety and stress and lessen distractions for your member. The program responds to your membership’s needs, improves productivity and morale, and can even reduce health care related costs, by finding real solutions for child care, elder care, and care for persons with disabilities, as well as a host of other “everyday” personal and family issues.

More and more, working families are struggling to balance their responsibilities on the job and at home. People are working longer hours, affordable child care is hard to find and more working families are caring for older relatives than ever before.” - AFL-CIO, 2007

“Stress and personal/family issues are the top two factors affecting workplace productivity.” - Staying @ Work™, Watson Wyatt Worldwide & National Business Group on Health, 2005/2006

“Over 44 million Americans, or an estimated 21% of all households, provide care for an adult family member or friend age 18 and older.” - Caregiving in the United States, National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, 2004

Work and family are no longer separate entities; each has a profound impact on the other. Unions are at the forefront of changing the workplace for working families... Work and family issues should be on every bargaining table, on every political action agenda, and part of every organizing drive.” - The Labor Project for Working Families, 2007

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How Do These
Work-Life Services Help?

  • Child care for an infant or toddler
  • After-school programs or camps
  • Transportation for a frail parent who lives in another state and needs to get to weekly medical appointments
  • Care for a disabled relative who is being discharged from the hospital
  • Resources and supports for adopting a child
  • Household and other “convenience” services for everyday assistance
  • Information about Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security programs

People Say This Program Works

  • “...I was so anxious when I called. My counselor calmed my fears in no time, and found care for my mother in another state!”
  • “...She was professional, knowledgeable and did all the legwork — saving me many hours of frustration and effort.”
  • “...I was relocating from another state. Having this service to help me find child care was tremendously valuable."
  • “...The referrals and educational materials are all first-rate. My counselor was helpful, kind and efficient."

Syntonic’s Work-Life
Services Program:

  • Responds to workforce needs.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Reduces healthcare-related costs.
  • Delivers extraordinary value.

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